PAINEL I: Desafios e Oportunidades da Inteligência Artificial no contexto da Aprendizagem ao Longo da Vida


Marco Silva, National Innovation Officer, Microsoft PortugalMarco Silva, National Innovation Officer, Microsoft Portugal

I’m the National Innovation Officer for Microsoft Portugal, responsible for helping companies and partners grow take our technology to the next level and accelerate the innovation impact that we can have in Portugal. I’ve been working in Tech innovation for many years on my previous roles. One role I still execute as well is the role of Senior Cloud Solution Architect where my work is to challenge customers with new ideas and new ways for them to use cloud technologies, and help them build it, a great way to complement my NinO role. My background is in Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Graphics, which are all areas I love. I’m a professional speaker for many years, and I teach some AI/DM classes at ISEG in Lisbon. I’m also founder and host at 2 podcast, the “AI Portugal Podcast” focused on AI, and the “DICE Podcast” focused on my personal passion around boardgames.


OpenAI and the Generative AI Revolution

As Generative AI becomes more and more a part of our daily routines and the way we search and access information, it’s important for us to understand the types of use cases and potential this type of technology has to offer. These use cases that we now see as innovative and cutting edger will be the commodities of tomorrow and this part of our routines and lives as other technological paradigm shifts have done in the past. Lets deep dive into the immense power of OpenAI and all of it’s generative dimensions from searching information, to chatting, to code generation, or summarization, and unlock the new way for us to learn new things, search the internet or even simply explore our imagination.